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We are all enthusiastic volunteers who are passionate about mathematics learning, especially in primary schools. However, we are also all in fulltime employment in schools, universities or other educational fields, so we are constantly juggling the many demands upon us.

Here are some brief introductions for our main contacts.

President - Vivienne Mallabar

Viv has been an Associate Leader of Learning at Ormiston Junior College since early 2016. Prior to that she worked as a facilitator for Evaluation Associates. Maths has always been an area of interest for her and she loves the passionate educators who volunteer their time and expertise for the benefit of students and teachers as part of the PMA. The yearly seminar allows sharing of ideas from International Keynotes, math facilitators and expert classroom teachers and supports current shifts in the thinking and pedagogy of Math. Come along and see what we offer.
You can contact Viv at viv@ojc.co.nz

  President - Vivienne Mallabar

Vice-president- Robbie Perreau

Robbie Perreau is the Deputy Principal at Bucklands Beach Intermediate School, having previously worked within the foundation leadership team of Kauri Flats School in Takanini. Robbie is passionate about making maths accessible to all students. As a lifelong learner, he is keen to engage with maths professionals to extend his learning within mathematics and work towards helping teachers become more comfortable with their maths pedagogies.
You can contact Robbie at robbie@bbi.school.nz

  Vice-president- Robbie Pereau

Treasurer- Jo Patrick van den Heuvel

Jo Patrick (Dip Tchng, MEd (Hons)) is an Associate Principal at Long Bay Primary School. She has had a long passion for and involvement in mathematics education professional development, spending 8 years as an advisor of mathematics education and numeracy facilitator. She has been a committee member of the Primary Mathematics Association since 1996.
You can contact Jo at jop@longbayprimary.ac.nz

  Treasurer- Jo Patrick

Secretary- Terri McClintock

Terri McClintock has been a member of the PMA committee since 2008. She is a life Long learner. Experienced in teaching years 0 to 10. Presently teaching at Te Aho o Te Kura Pounamu (The Correspondence School), where learning is really by distance education
You can cntact Terri at sol4bus@xtra.co.nz

  Vice-president- Robbie Pereau

Other committee members’ contact details:

Vanitha Govini vgovini1@gmail.com
Anne Milburn annemilburnconsulting@gmail.com
Helen Walters h.walters@orcon.net.nz
Jo Knox jo@mathsdevelopment.co.nz
Pamela Perger p.perger@auckland.ac.nz
Angela Spavin a.spavin@auckland.ac.nz
Gail Ledger g.ledger@auckland.ac.nz
Megan Clune m.clune@auckland.ac.nz
Carolyn Crow carolync@sherwoodprimary.school.nz
Toni Cassrels t.cassrels@auckland.ac.nz
Linda Cheeseman linda.cheeseman@gmail.com
Anuja Singh anujaprasad@gmail.com
Margi Leach margi@numicon.co.nz
Ingrid Cheung ymingrid@gmail.com
Bina Kachwalla b.kachwalla@gmail.com
Sue Pine craigsuepine@gmail.com
Fiona Fox fiona@fionafoxconsulting.co.nz
Marie Hirst marie@specialaddition.co.nz