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Primary Mathematics AssociationThe Famous PMA Seminar Day

In 2016 our theme is “Basics and Beyond” and we are delighted to have Vince Wright (Australian Catholic University, Melbourne) as our keynote speaker.

Vince Wright is the Associate Professor in the Faculty of Education and Arts at the Australian Catholic University (Melbourne Campus).  He specialises in Mathematics Education with particular interest in effective teaching of mathematical concepts such as algebra, multiplication and division, rational number and proportional reasoning. His interest also extends to the politics of curriculum change and assessment within a globalisation theoretical framework. Vince has 25 years of experience as a curriculum developer and teacher adviser. He has also been a writer of mathematics resources for teachers and students in his native country, New Zealand.

Keynote: Knowing how to teach mathematics – What’s important and what’s not?  (by Vince Wright)

Since Lee Schulman promoted the idea of pedagogical-content-knowledge (PCK) in 1986 there has been a lot of research interest in the knowledge needed for us, as teachers, to be successful. In this keynote I will present the ‘state of the art’ about knowledge needed for teaching and suggest where the work is heading. Researchers are just beginning to explore the interactions between what teachers know, believe and aspire to, and their short and long-term decision making processes. There is wide agreement about the important knowledge we need to possess and that this knowledge extends considerably beyond just knowing how to do the mathematics themselves (though that is still essential of course). Connecting what we know with learning to use what we know is the critical goal for our professional learning. The evidence will allow us to evaluate our own growth path for teaching mathematics.

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